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The Answers You Need

All my coaching is done via video calls through Zoom. This means I can coach you from anywhere in the world. 

Is this in-person or online?

This work is best for a person who is ready to make deep transformations in their life, to fully show up and live their results.


This is not for you, if you are not ready to change. This work is deeply transformational and gets to the root of your blockages, and will stay within your system after we work together. 


If this resonates with you and you’re ready for a change, the best thing you can do it book a free call with me to get a further feel of the work we would be doing together. 

How do I know this is right for me? 

Yes, absolutely. Every woman has the ability to orgasm and you are in the right place.

I've never had an orgasm, is this for me?

Yes, if this isn't working for you, you will be refunded the remainder of the sessions.

Can I cancel after trying it and don't feel like its a fit for me? 

Yes, I like to call it homeplay, because truly it's play and fun. This will stabilize the deep work we do in between our sessions. This will allow practice with the body and open up the body for deeper experiences of pleasure, bliss, safety, radiance and awareness, so that the work we do lasts in your day to day activities. 

Is there homework?

Yes, it’s totally normal to feel fear when you’re on the brink of a major transformation. A wonderful teacher of mine once said that fear rides shotgun to new experiences and I absolutely agree with that. This work is deeply transformational and will bring up many shifts and awareness. Often when we are about to say yes to transformation we start to feel all of the unfelt things, deep in our unconscious that are desiring to be felt and transformed, and that's where I come in to assist in that process.

I feel hesitancy and fear, is that normal?

Generally, therapy is focused on problems rooted in the past to restore health and regularity in the present. Whereas coaching is action-orientated, integrative and focusses on actions plans and practices. Its about embodying the results and practices so you can have agency of your life and applying these new ways of being. 

What is the difference between Embodied Coaching and Therapy?

Integrating the Body-Mind is a deep part of this coaching process and so its important to understand why its so important.


The Body-Mind has the key to the deepest networks that are running your reality, and through a trained awareness I will be guiding you into these spaces to transform on the deepest levels of yourself and to update these networks and creating new pathways, that will change your reality and expand you into the sexuality you know you are capable of. 


The Body-Mind is where your truth lies beyond the thinking part of the mind. Getting access to your sensations, which is the language of the body, connects you to the deepest parts of yourself. With my guidance you learn how to bridge to all of the aspects of yourself, which restores you into wholeness. As we do this over and over again throughout our time together you start to develop a habit of doing that with yourself without me, and this creates a habit of always being in your center and meeting all parts of yourself, always. 

This is the pathway to restoring yourself to wholeness, your original essence. This is a Tantric approach and path. 

Your truth, your original essence is through the gateway of your Body-Mind. 


This is a Tantric and science back approach of transformation and teaches you how to become an artist of your own body and to unlock and work with your sexual energy to enhance those beautiful intimate and sexy times, but also to heal and rejuvenate yourself at any time! 

What is the Body-Mind and why is it an  important part of this coaching work?

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