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A Nervous System Approach.

Your Sexuality Is The Key To Your Most Fulfilling Life.

Sexuality. Embodiment. Tantra. Pleasure. Orgasm. 


Gain exclusive access to my Pleasure Power Activation Guide!

In this 15min guided audio practice you'll:

  • Activate Pleasure 

  • Let the wisdom of your sexuality fuel energy centers in your body

  • Experience the will and power of your solar plexus

  • Explore your throat; empowering your voice 

  • Explore the visionary capacity of your third eye, empowering you to pursue your mission and your higher genus in the world

  • Say yes to the power of your pleasure 

  • Feel energized and activated for your day

I have been on a healing journey for the last decade.

I have done various traditional talk therapies that have helped me regulate my mood and minimize post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. Having the privilege to participate further in this treatment has profoundly changed how I relate to my emotions. I am in the process of accepting difficult emotions instead of repressing them and making them paralyzing. 

This was after only 5 sessions. I am amazed and grateful for this treatment. I recommend this to anyone who wants to feel all their emotions in a healthy, deliberate and liberating way.

Valerio P.

Megan, I am lucky to have you! You are a fabulous coach! Attentive, generous with your time and wisdom, and you make me feel comfortable enough to explore extremely sensitive topics. Thank you so much!


I was able to sit with the most difficult of emotions and l was able to digest them. My relationship to anxiety has moved from hate to acceptance. I am now trying to honour its message, no longer silencing anxiety. Yet allowing it to move through me and then letting it go. This shift is allowing me to experience my anxiety in a healthy way. It's very empowering. You have enlightened and empowered me. I am so grateful for having connected with you.


I found that all the discoveries and juiciness we unpacked during the sessions made the homework/play really easy to follow. It was exciting to be able to use these new tools to help so the homework came up a lot and very naturally in my week.



Private Coaching

My transformational 1:1 coaching program is fully encompassing in deconstructing and integrating what is in the way of your true and natural sexual self so you can enjoy all the sex, pleasure, and orgasms you truly desire! Designed to help you discover your sexual and orgasmic truth through a systematic approach that uncovers blockages in the deepest level of the nervous system that no longer serves your sexual vitality. 

By registering you can live a life feeling radiant and connected to your deepest authentic sensual self.

You deserve this! A Woman connected to her pleasure and orgasmic truth, becomes an unstoppable force.


I'm Megan, a certified VITA ™ Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and it is my passion to help women unlock the power of their pleasure, have the orgasms they deserve to be having and feeling alive and radiant in their bodies.


As a woman, it's your birthright to shine and radiate as a whole being and include your sensuality, orgasm and pleasure. We are swimming in deep-rooted conditioning that keeps us from our full expression and it's in my knowing that the way we get to our deepest desires, passion and pleasure is by going back into the body.


With coaching, I teach and guide clients using tools and techniques rooted in Tantra and backed by science to tap into the deepest parts of your nervous system. Together, we rewrite your sexual magic and power at the deepest levels towards what you truly want.  


The journey into your sacred sexuality doesn't always come easily and there's a process of getting into the ingrained conditioned layers within and to activate the innate wisdom of the body, open to your pleasure and your orgasmic nature, and I am here to help guide you through it. 

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